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HOWO 10CBM Asphalt Distributor Truck Spray Hot Asphalt Truck

An asphalt distributor truck, also known as a bitumen truck or asphalt tanker, is a specialized vehicle designed for spraying hot asphalt or bitumen onto road surfaces during construction or maintenance projects. It is commonly used in the process of applying asphalt for road paving, sealing cracks, or surface treatments.

  • Diesel 

  • 18000KG

The HOWO 4x2 10CBM Asphalt Distributor Truck is a specific model of asphalt distributor truck produced by the Chinese manufacturer, Sinotruk. It is designed for spraying hot asphalt onto road surfaces during construction or maintenance projects. 

Here are some features and specifications of this particular model:

  1. Chassis: The HOWO 4x2 10CBM Asphalt Distributor Truck is built on a HOWO 4x2 chassis, which provides stability, durability, and maneuverability on the road.

  2. Tank Capacity: This model has a tank capacity of 10 cubic meters (10CBM), which can hold a significant amount of hot asphalt or bitumen for spraying.

  3. Heating System: The truck is equipped with a heating system integrated into the tank, ensuring that the asphalt or bitumen remains hot and in a liquid state for proper spraying.

  4. Pump and Spray Bar: The truck features a pump that draws the heated asphalt or bitumen from the tank and delivers it to the spray bar. The spray bar is located at the rear of the truck and is responsible for evenly distributing the hot liquid onto the road surface.

  5. Controls and Gauges: The operator has access to controls and gauges that allow them to regulate the flow rate and pressure of the asphalt or bitumen being sprayed, ensuring precise application and consistency.

  6. Distributor Bar Extensions: This model may include distributor bar extensions that can be adjusted manually or hydraulically. These extensions allow for wider coverage or specific spraying configurations to adapt to different road widths and project requirements.

  7. Safety Features: Asphalt distributor trucks, including the HOWO 4x2 10CBM model, typically come with safety features such as emergency stop buttons, warning lights, and reflective markings to enhance visibility and ensure safe operation on the road.




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