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DONGFENG Export Euro II 12 CBM Concrete Mixer Truck

A Euro II 12 CBM concrete mixer truck is designed to transport and mix large quantities of concrete efficiently. It is commonly used in construction projects where a significant volume of concrete is required, such as for building foundations, road construction, and infrastructure development. The truck's mixing drum ensures the concrete remains in a homogeneous state during transportation and can be discharged at the construction site for immediate use.

  • 31000KG

A typical concrete mixer truck consists of a cylindrical mixing drum mounted on the back of a truck chassis. The drum is usually made of steel and has spiral blades or fins inside that help in the mixing process. The drum is powered by a hydraulic system or a power take-off (PTO) from the truck's engine.

Concrete mixer trucks are commonly used in the construction industry to transport pre-mixed concrete from a production facility or batching plant to the construction site. The concrete is loaded into the drum at the plant and remains in a fluid state during transit due to the continuous rotation of the drum.Upon arrival at the construction site, the concrete mixer truck can discharge the concrete by tilting the drum or using a conveyor system. The concrete is then ready for placement and construction activities.

A Euro II 12 CBM concrete mixer truck refers to a concrete mixer truck that complies with Euro II emission standards and has a capacity of 12 cubic meters for carrying and mixing concrete.

The use of concrete mixer trucks significantly improves the efficiency and convenience of concrete delivery, particularly for large-scale construction projects where a continuous supply of fresh concrete is required.




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