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2953 Cc 23 Seats New Diesel Coaster Minibus Nissan Engine

It continues classic design, but more refined and classy : Simple interior, strong power and outstanding performance.
And the most improve is upgraded vehicle safety performance.
  • ZQ6702


  • 8702109300

  • 2953

  • 23

  • Diesel 

  • 7200

            Compared last version coaster, this vehicle has undergone huge changes in appearance: In addition to the square-cornered front face design, the cabin has been increased by 120 mm, and the overall width has been increased by 170 mm, also the length has been increased by 15 mm.

           The interior of the vehicle is more plain than the appearance. But the window area has been greatly improved, which improves the window vision compared with previous generation Coaster copy.


             As the most concerned part: powertrain, the latest generation of coaster copy model is equipped with Nissan ZD30 engine. This is a big breakthrough than ever, usually most coaster copies only be equipped with domestic engines like yuchai(YC4FA115 series), chaochai (CY4102 sereis)... ...


                             NISSAN ZD30 engine 

Model: ZD3014-3N 

Type: in line, 4 cylinders, 4 stroke 

Displacement: 2953 cc

Max power: 140 hp / 3600 rpm

Max torque: 280 N.m/ 1600 rpm 

Emission Standard: Euro III 

Features of Nissan ZD30 engine


1, high reliability:

no overhaul within 80,000 km. Excellent cold starting capability

2, Low fuel consumption:

Bosch new electronically controlled high-pressure common rail fuel injection system is adopted; the engine cylinder head, gear chamber cover and oil pan are made of high-strength aluminum alloy, with an overall weight reduction of 65kg, and the fuel consumption is more than 20% lower than that of the traditional diesel engine


3, high power but lower noise.

Gold combination with Fast gearbox  

To match with Nissan engine, brand Fast gearbox is adopted to guarantee the smoothness of power output.

图片 7

Fast gearbox 

图片 8

Fast gearbox

The largest upgrade of this vehicle is safety performance of whole vehicle

First: from perspective of overall vehicle body: stamping body is adopted which has advantage like light weight, good performance, high strength.

图片 9Left without side pannel
图片 10

right with side pannel 


Besides, ABS together with ESC also be installed as a standard.  Electronic stability control system, Shorten as ESC: Vehicle electronic stability control system is a new type of active safety system of vehicle. It is a further expansion of the functions of anti-lock braking system (ABS) and traction control system (TCS). On this basis, yaw rate sensor, lateral acceleration sensor and steering wheel angle sensor are added when the vehicle is turning and driving. The driving force and braking force of front and rear, left and right wheels are controlled by ECU to ensure the vehicle Lateral stability of vehicles.

In fast turning or lane changing, when the vehicle is extremely unstable, the stability of the vehicle is supplemented by the wheel brake or by controlling the engine phase torque. When your vehicle is in a very unstable situation, the ESC function will work automatically. Under normal driving conditions, ESC system does not work.


 Third: disc brake

This new coaster copy updated its braking system to dual-circuit pneumatic disc brake instead of traditional hydraulic drum brake, which makes the braking effectiveness relatively stronger. Also the brake type

434 433

Features of disc brakes 

1:      Braking efficiency is more stable than drum brake 

2:        Good water stability ,only small reduce on braking effectiveness            after saoking 

3:         Smaller size & weight for same braking force output

4:         Small thermal expansion in the thickness direction of brake disc ,          good heat dissipation. 


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