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152hp 23 Seats Coaster Diesel Minibus

The comprehensive matching of economy, luxury and vehicle performance makes COASTER an attractive solution to many of today's traffic and environmental problems. She incorporated more enjoyment and efficiency into the handling of small passenger cars because we has always been people-oriented.
  • MD6701


  • 8702109210

  • 2892

  • 152 hp

  • Diesel 

  • 6500 kg

the 152 hp 23-seat Cosater diesel minibus has become an ideal choice for large group travel and business applications due to its strong power performance, spacious interior, good fuel economy, excellent handling, high safety, high reliability and diverse configuration options.

The 152 hp 23-seater Toyota Castle diesel minibus is a minibus with an advanced diesel engine that offers the following features and benefits:


Strong safety: the vehicle is equipped with a variety of safety systems, such as ABS anti-lock braking system, ESP body stability control system, etc., to ensure passenger safety.

Reliable quality: Toyota Castle diesel minibuses are made of high-quality materials and parts under strict quality control, with reliable durability and stability.


closed-loop belt body



Comfortable and spacious: The interior of the vehicle is equipped with 23 seats with comfortable and spacious seating for a comfortable ride.


Spacious interior space: The 23-seat seating layout makes the vehicle spacious and comfortable, meeting the needs of large groups traveling. Reasonable seat arrangement and sufficient legroom allow passengers to enjoy a comfortable ride during the journey.


Interior view, Rear 


Interior view, Front

Efficient Power: Powered by a 152 hp diesel engine, it provides ample power to enable the vehicle to perform well in all road conditions.

微信图片_20200317082543ISUZU Technology chassis  indepdent

Independent suspension option

Fuel-efficient and economical: the advanced diesel engine has high fuel efficiency and low fuel consumption, effectively reducing operating costs.

Strong applicability: it is suitable for city sightseeing, school pickup and drop-off, enterprise shuttle bus and other purposes to meet the needs of different customers.

To summarize, the 152hp 23-seater Toyota Castle diesel minibus has the features and advantages of high efficiency power, comfort and spaciousness, fuel economy, strong safety, reliable quality and strong applicability.




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