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12CBM 10TON Fuel Tanker Truck

A Fuel Tanker Truck is a specialized vehicle used for transporting liquid fuel or chemicals. They typically have one or more sealed storage tanks to contain the liquid substances and are equipped with a range of safety measures to ensure safety during transportation.
  • Diesel 
  • 18000KG

A fuel tanker truck is a specialized vehicle designed for transporting and delivering liquid fuel, such as gasoline or diesel. These trucks have a large storage tank specifically designed to hold and transport fuel safely.

Fuel tanker trucks are equipped with robust tanks made of materials like steel or aluminum alloy. These tanks are designed to withstand the pressure and corrosive nature of the fuel. The size of the tanks can vary depending on the capacity required, ranging from small tanks for local deliveries to large tanks for long-distance transportation.

To ensure the safe transport of fuel, these trucks are equipped with various safety features. These include emergency shut-off valves, pressure relief valves, and anti-spill mechanisms. Additionally, fuel tanker trucks are often equipped with fire suppression systems to minimize the risk of fire or explosion in case of accidents or emergencies.

Fuel tanker truck drivers must adhere to strict safety regulations and follow proper operating procedures. They undergo specialized training to handle fuel safely and efficiently. This includes understanding safety protocols, handling emergency situations, and maintaining the stability of the truck during transportation.

Overall, fuel tanker trucks are specifically designed for the transportation of liquid fuel. They incorporate safety measures and specialized features to ensure the secure and efficient delivery of fuel to various locations.


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