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12 TON Sewer High-pressure Washing Truck Septic Tank Suction Sewage Suction Truck

The specialized apparatus of the vehicle is the tank, which is used for the collection and cleaning operations of liquid waste such as feces, sewage, and sludge.

  • Diesel 

  • 8650KG

A suction truck is a specialized vehicle used for cleaning sewage, sludge, feces, and other solid waste. It is commonly employed in the cleaning of septic tanks, wastewater treatment plants, farms, and livestock facilities. The main function of a suction truck is to vacuum the waste and store it in a container within the vehicle, which is then transported to designated treatment facilities for processing.

The suction truck has the following features and advantages:

Efficient cleaning capability: The suction truck utilizes a professional suction system and storage container to efficiently clean various types of sewage, sludge, and solid waste. It can quickly suction a large amount of waste and store it, reducing cleaning time and labor costs.

Environmentally friendly: The suction truck effectively cleans sewage and feces, preventing their spread and contamination in the environment. Equipped with sealed waste containers, it can prevent odors and leaks, thus protecting the environment and public health.

Versatility: The suction truck is not only used for cleaning septic tanks and wastewater treatment plants but also for waste management in farms, livestock facilities, and other locations. It can handle various types of liquid and solid waste, making it highly versatile.

High-pressure cleaning function: Some suction trucks are equipped with high-pressure cleaning systems, enabling them to clean the waste containers and pipes using high-pressure water jets. This feature is highly effective in removing stubborn dirt and debris.

Improved work efficiency: The suction truck can quickly clean and collect waste, reducing the time and labor required for manual cleaning. It provides an efficient solution and can complete a large volume of cleaning work in a shorter time.

Enhanced hygiene conditions: By timely cleaning sewage and feces, the suction truck helps improve environmental hygiene conditions and reduces the risk of disease transmission. It ensures that waste is safely transported to appropriate treatment facilities for proper disposal and processing.

In conclusion, the suction truck possesses advantages such as efficient cleaning capability, environmental friendliness, versatility, high-pressure cleaning function, improved work efficiency, and enhanced hygiene conditions. It is an indispensable tool in the field of wastewater treatment and waste management.


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