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10 CBM Multi-functional Dust Suppression Vehicle

Dust suppressing vehicle is a special vehicle that can control dust pollution by spraying dust suppressing agent and other spraying liquid. It is mainly used in places with high dust occurrence. This vehicle is of multiple functions: high-pressure spray, dust suppressing, cooling, sprinkling, drug spray, degassing, insecticide, emergency power supply or fire protection.
  • MD5160MD


  • 8702109300

  • 4500 cc

  • Diesel 

  • 15800 kg

抑尘车详情页配置图_画板 1

1.This multi-functional dust suppression vehicle is equipped with independent high pressure and low pressure water circuit system, generator unit is adopted to drive high pressure water pumps and fans and other devices. And low pressure water pump takes power from engine through PTO system & gearbox. 

1.A Main part of low pressure water circuit system 


Front  spray gun of low pressure water ciruit 


Stainless water pump of lower pressure water circuit


Rear spray of lower pressure water circuit 

1.B Mian parts of high pressure water circuit system 


50kw generator 


Hydraulic station 


Rear fog cannon 

2,Long range sprayer, with artificial intelligence and automatic control adjustment, it can be manual or remote control, very convenient and flexible. The spray can reach a maximum 80m range and cover an area of 20,000 square meters, which can greatly reduce the content of PM2.5 in low altitude. The nozzle of sprayer can be manually adjusted to spray water, 

抑尘车喷雾器参数图_画板 1 副本

3.Self-priming centrifugal pump is adopted for lower pressure pump so it can pump water into tank itself from water source nearby. The low pressure water system also have been equipped with front flushing & rear sprinkling devices, and it can realize the function of flushing and sprinkling.


4.  In case of emergency, the generator units can also used as an emergency generator,the generator unit is equipped with 220V AC voltage 380V AC voltage output socket.


5, The internal wall of the water tank is treated with anticorrosion, also stainless steel can be adopted as inner wall. In this case, it can be used for spraying disinfectant and dust suppressant.


6, The low pressure water level sensor alarm system is installed inside the driver’s cabin, which realized centralized control of water and electricity. And the operation is very convenient and flexible. With a good main-machine interface,the driver can complete all the operation inside the cab.It can reduce the labor of the intensity driver. Also it is more safe and comfortable.


This multi-functional dust suppression vehicle adopted DFA Tianjin as its chassis ,which has characteristics like enviorment protection, fuel saving, reliable & comfort riding .


I .Software of finite element analysis is widely used on the design of this chassis. 

Structure of chassis is optimized and the material is light weight, which make the bearing capacity stronger.  Pass-through type chassis frame, together with DL510 high-strength steel and 250 mm double-deck frame design, these features make the chassis frame is of strong bending resistance, torsion resistance and bearing capacity. Also the upper and lower wings of the longitudinal beam are designed without holes, which effectively improve the overall rigidity of the frame.


II , Advanced designed & sophisticated manufatured Cummins ISD180 50 engine is choosen as power,which has below features:


1. More fuel-efficient:     

 Advanced design and excellent manufacturing from Cummins, the fuel consumption is 20% lower than that of similar products in China.

2. Strong power:

Design of WGV makes low-speed performance more perfect and better power performance.

3. Excellent reliability:      

 The cylinder block and cylinder head adopt integrated design, which can prevent the engine from oil & water leaking. Parts of this engine are around 40% less than other similar engines, and the failure rate is greatly reduced.

4.Lower maintenance and repair cost: 

 Because fewer parts and fewer operation failures, comprehensive maintenance costs of engine is greatly reduced, also maintenance time is saved around 50% compared with other similar models.  

5.Excellent cold starting performance:    Equipped with air inlet electric preheating device and 6.6kw large-power starter, which completely improves the cold starting performance of the engine. It also passed minus 36. C limit low temperature test. 

III,  Upgraded brand DANA axles 

Rear axle of chassis adopts Dongfeng DANA high strength manganese steel punching welding axle (    leading punching welding axle technology in China). 

 Front axle is also already been upgraded to 4.5 Ton capacity, together with 9 ton rear axle, this combination is the most suitable axle load distribution for 4*2 special vehicles.  And it solves the problem of deviation of gravity center due to the insufficient load capacity of the front axle in the past. 


IV . Efficient maintenance inspection system

1, Automatic alarm of vehicle fault, the fault diagnosis tester will judge accurately and find out the fault source immediately. This cabin adopts valgus front panel with oil and gas spring strut structure which is international popular.  Also there is no need to tilt the cab for routine maintenance. 


2, Manual and electro - hydraulic lifting mechanism is adopted to reduce labor intensity. In addition, the cab has a large turnover angle and sufficient maintenance space.


3, Remote start and stop device can avoid the difficulty of starting in the tilting cab. (the auxiliary start and stop buttons of the cab are arranged on the right side of the battery frame.)





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