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What are the main uses of coaster minibuses

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What is a coaster mini bus? How was it invented? What are the uses of coaster minibuses? Why do people like coaster minibus?


  • The history of coaster minibuses

  • What is a coaster minibus?

  • Ideal use of coaster minibuses

  • Why do people like coaster minibus?


The history of coaster minibuses

Toyota COASTER used to use the name "Coaster" and was called a synonym for "luxury bus". It has a history of nearly 40 years from its birth to today, and it has been in China for more than 30 years. It has designed and manufactured Chinese buses, especially CMB. It has a huge impact. It is a typical Japanese car design. It is obviously different from the European and American car series. It has no major shortcomings. It is mainly convenient, beautiful and practical, and caters to the Chinese taste.

1.       In May 1960, an epoch-making small passenger car was born

2.       April 1963 The first mass-produced light bus was developed

3.       February 196 9The first generation of COASTER was born

4.       May 1982 The second generation of COASTER was born

5.       January 1993 The third generation of COASTER was born

6.       In December 2000, the localized COASTER was born

7.       In April 2001, COASTER officially started selling

8.       October 2001 COASTER VIP model launched

9.       In March 2002, the COASTER Super VIP model was launched

10.    In 2006, 16 COASTER Super VIP high-end business seats came out

11.    In 2007, Toyota COASTER 4.0L Land First Class 11 seats came out

12.    In 2008, Toyota COASTER 4.0L Land First Class 10-seater was launched

13.    In 2009, Toyota Kosda High-end Business 15-seater launched

14.    In 2010, Toyota Kosda High-end Commercial 26 seats came out

15.    In 2011, Toyota COASTER High-end Business 13-seater Super VIP Extreme Edition was all the rage

16.    In 2012, Toyota COASTER's high-end business 11-seat super VIP premium land first class came out, detonating the market


What is a coaster minibus?

Coaster is synonymous with the "luxury passenger vehicle" produced by Toyota. The spacious and comfortable compartment makes coaster minibus look like a family car. coaster minibus has many popular features, and the pleasing interior is one of them. While particularly retaining its strong power and comprehensive safety and comfort, COASTER shows precise maneuverability. Toyota's engineering technology guarantees its power and overall economy that can stand the test of time. The graceful curves and eye-catching corners and corners make coaster minibus attract much attention. Every detail of its design reflects the perfect combination of shape and function. The comprehensive matching of economy, luxury and vehicle performance makes coaster minibus an attractive solution to many of today's traffic and environmental problems. She integrates more enjoyment and efficiency into the handling of small passenger cars, because Toyota has always been people-oriented.


Ideal use of coaster minibuses

As the most successful high-end minibus brand in history, Toyota Coaster is constantly updating its sales records with its essence. Car interior modification, car interior retrospective seat modification, luxury desk built-in, electric and manual rotating seats, electric and manual secretary desk, curtains, Japanese car refrigerator, and exterior decoration, DVD audio, and computer system, the whole car Carpets and so on. The biggest use of "Toyota Coaster 13-seater" minibus is business reception, especially for many large enterprise groups, high-end commercial vehicles and special markets for large customers. The quality of the reception car is related to the enterprise. Image, this puts forward higher requirements for the overall design of its interiors. Such requirements are even greater challenges. With the addition of some interiors, the interior details of office life.


Why do people like coaster minibus?

The Toyota Coaster commercial vehicle has an extraordinary design, breaking the idea of A mid-range mid-range bus. It has a very comfortable and noble interior design. After the Toyota Coaster is converted into a commercial vehicle, it has completed a very good Metamorphosis. For example, there is an agency-purchased seat that uses aviation-style seats. The configuration of the 11-seat corporate advanced business reception version is better than the others. The 11-seat electric swivel seat equipped in the whole car can be turned at will and can be used. Temporary small meetings are held, and Toyota Coaster seats range from 11 to 19 seats. Toyota Coaster Deluxe Edition is equipped with a v64.0-liter engine and uses a smart dual variable valve timing system with high compression. Compared with the technology, very efficient air intake and exhaust system, and other low-friction fuel consumption reduction technologies, the power is very strong, which can provide great convenience for business travel, and also carry a special processing system. It is very efficient to reduce pollution. The engine technology used by Coaster is developed by Toyota. Therefore, it guarantees the pure blood of Toyota Coaster. Considering the journey, Toyota Coaster is equipped with on-board, audio-visual equipment and cabin. The distributed four speakers are very convenient for all passengers in the car. The microphone device allows passengers to convey information more conveniently during the car, and can also carry out entertainment activities inside. Toyota Coaster’s business design is the biggest feature It is very intimate. Whether it is the driver's seat or the passenger's seat, or in other places, the performance is incisively and vividly, to the extreme, this is to allow passengers to have better comfort during the long journey.


Coaster mini bus has always occupied a dominant position in the field of minibuses, and the lights of government-enterprise shuttle buses and coaches are inseparable from Toyota Coaster. If you are looking for a Coaster upgrade, modification or imitation Coaster manufacturer that can provide you with high quality and reasonable price,SHAZHOU VEHICLE will be a good choice.



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